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Headhunting / Executive Search

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Headhunting | Executive Search

It is the “matching heads” who decide on the future success or failure of a company. Personnel today is less of an unpleasant cost factor than the decisive performance potential of a company. Human resources are therefore of fundamental importance at the strategic level, not only in terms of new hires, but more importantly in the timely and qualified replacement of management positions.

People & Projects e.K. Headhunting | Executive Search operates internationally and offers you high-quality and versatile consulting services, from classic headhunting to complex executive search. For us Headhunting means the targeted and discreet recruitment of employees from competitive or industry-related companies of our clients. Our Headhunters are experts in the direct search of executives and specialists. Our headhunters are experts in the direct search of executives and specialists with an annual salary of 70,000 euros and above.

Headhunting / Executive Search

Our annual orders are divided into the following categories:

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About us

People & Projects e.K. stands for discretion, open communication, active listening, partnership support, individual and high-quality advice, transparent order processing, flexible solutions and these are just some of the key points that our clients appreciate about us.

Working method

The foundation for a successful selection of personnel is the creation of a tailor-made competence and requirement profile. Equivalent to this is the methodology of the search process itself. This follows our established rules and is divided into six process steps (6-point plan).

Fee policy

Our total fee is not based on a fixed percentage, but on the complexity of the search request. After analyzing your inquiry you will receive an offer with a fixed total fee. This total fee is subject to the, in our industry, customary third-party rule.

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