As a rule, the duration until the presentation of the first "matching heads" is about 4 to 6 weeks.
Headhunting / Executive Search

Headhunting / Executive Search

People & Projects e.K.
Headhunting / Executive Search

People & Projects e.K. Headhunting | Executive Search specializes in the direct search of executives and specialists in all sectors. We are proven experts in the field of targeted and discreet recruitment of employees from the direct competition or industry-related environment of our clients.

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Since headhunting is not a protected term and there are no courses or similar qualification measures to qualify as a headhunter or get certified, it is here at this point a concern to explain this term in more detail.

What is Headhunting / Executive Search?

Many do not even know that headhunting is comparable to a traditional craft. This craft was created 1926 in America by the inventor and pioneer “Thorndike Deland”. At that time, North America lacked suitable people to occupy leading positions in politics. At that time, the search for these personalities was carried out exclusively by the placement of job advertisements, other possibilities of recruiting did not offer. Success, as in most cases today, has not materialized.

Out of this need, the craft emerged: Headhunting. Many also use the terms executive search, direct search or direct contact, although the term executive search, to take it a moment’s short, is not really synonymous with the above. Specifically, as the name implies, executive search is aimed at finding executives at the top, at most second-level, executives, which in turn means that the search process in executive search matches the high level of that search and can not follow the same process as approaching specialists, professionals and lower level executives directly.

The original headhunting process consisted of targeted, but at that time very elaborate, research in all available media that existed at that time to find suitable personalities for these top positions and to find a way to be in personal contact with them. Over the decades, this search process has gone through some changes, so that nowadays it is no longer mainly media that are the focus of search, but methods have been developed to identify and address the sought-after persons directly in the clients’ competitors.

How do our Headhunter work?

Headhunting / Executive Search is a craft from the 1920s, which we at People & Projects e.K. continue with tradition, passion and ethical principles. Basically, we only work on the basis of this search method, which we constantly optimize and further develop, which distinguishes us from the general personnel consultancy.

In executive search, our direct search methodology is specifically geared to and adapted to the top management of companies. In addition to the methodology itself, the intensive analysis of the requirements profile, as well as a pronounced degree of instinct and experience for such projects, good contacts and intensively cultivated networks are among the other success factors. Such direct searches are generally so discreet and concealed that they never come to the public’s attention.

Another unique selling point of People & Projects e.K. is that the candidates are addressed exclusively by the headhunter, who also compiled the competence analysis and the requirements profile with our clients. Only in this way can the potential candidate be shown convincingly the vacant position and the corporate culture of our client. After all, the way in which the candidates are addressed is crucial to the success or failure of a mandate.

As a rule, the duration until the presentation of the first “matching heads” is about 4 to 6 weeks. Ad-supported searches or the assumption of a mandate purely on a profit basis are excluded.

Our advisory team consists of experienced leaders with outstanding expertise in the following industries:


- Automotive industry
- Automotive supplier industry


- Mechanical Engineering / Plant Engineering
- Chemical-Pharmaceutical Industry
- Automation
- Metal production / processing
- Plastic industry
- Paper Industry

Financial Services

- Banks
- Insurance
- Private equity


- Consumer Goods
- Trade (Wholesale & Retail)
- Electronics
- Media, Marketing & Branding
- Services


- Medical Technology
- Consumer Healthcare
- Healthcare Technology Provider
- Biotechnology
- Hospitals
- Pharmaceutical industry

Architecture & Design

- Architecture / interior design
- Exhibition Construction / Design
- Live Communication
- Brand Communication
- Event Management


- Transport & Logistics
- Business Services
- Real estate industry
- Consulting
- Tourism

Process Headhunting / Executive Search

Headhunting Process Executive Search

How much is Headhunting?

Our total fee is not based on a fixed percentage, but on the complexity of the search request. After analyzing your inquiry you will receive an offer with a fixed total fee. This total fee is subject to the third party regulation, which is customary in our industry. The total fee is claimed within the course of the project in 3 steps (retained search).

As a rule, our fees range from 20% to 33% of the annual salary contractually agreed with the recruited candidate.

Warranty: Should the candidate provided by us and hired terminate or be terminated during the probationary period, we will resume the mandate without additional fee claims within the agreed search frame.

What can we do for your company?

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